The Very Best White Sandwich Bread

Soft and fluffy with a chewy crust, this is the Very Best White Sandwich Bread recipe ever.  Fragrant slices have a buttery crumb and are the best surface for slathering on some PB&J.   We had a few cool days before this sweaty heat wave rolled in where I was ready to bust out my leather boots and wool sweaters.  I think the temp reached a frigid 79 degrees for the high one day and I was, literally, wrapped up in a faux-fur blanket thinking of snowflakes and holiday decor.  I was … [Read more...]

Tomato Upside Down Cornbread

Crispy, butter, soft, tangy...this Tomato Upside Down Cornbread has it all.  A dramatic presentation of the humble cornbread, this recipe will elevate any barbecue or cookout to a fine dining level.  It's also incredibly effortless to make, as well. So....I will refrain from announcing, once again, that summer has arrived.  I'll let the produce speak for itself.  I told a story long ago when I first started this blog about how I hate winter produce, peaches and tomatoes in particular. … [Read more...]

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin Bread

A toastable bread with the texture and sweetness of a muffin, only healthier for you.  Loaded with whole grains, oats and fresh, plump blueberries, this Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin Bread is a great way to start your day.   Who loves winter?  Anyone, anyone, Bueller?  Today, the wind is whipping around like a tornado is going to blow through the neighborhood at any moment.  I think I may have seen a mini snownado rolling through the backyard a minute ago.  It's brutal and cold and … [Read more...]

No Fail Pizza Dough

Think it takes hours to make pizza dough from scratch?  Think again.  Just a couple of ingredients and a few minutes of hands on time will reward you with perfect pizza dough every single time.  Pizza night will never be the same again. Homemade pizza dough was on my culinary bucket list for years.  I tried several variations with a billion types of flour and was always left with a chewy, puffy crust.  Not a fan of puffy crust...not a fan at all.  I like a thin crisp crust, one with some … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tip: Breaking Bread

Don't throw away that leftover bread or the extra hamburger buns from your last barbecue! I freeze all my leftover bread and rolls (even the stumps....crusts of loaf bread) to use when making homemade breadcrumbs and croutons. For breadcrumbs, simply pulse on the food processor a few times until they are of a fine consistency. Spread a thin layer on a baking sheet and toast in a 325 degree oven until dry and golden. Store in an airtight container. For croutons, cut into cubes, toss in … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tip: Rising To The Occassion

I used to post a tip on Tuesday's and then stopped when I was overwhelmed with The Twelve Days of Cookies.  I received a few requests via email asking if I would continue and so I'm doing just that.  For all of loyal internet friends. Today's tip I wish I had know years ago, I would have had much more success with bread and dough making. To get your dough to rise properly, you need to keep it in a warm, draft-free location.  Sometimes that's hard to find in my house so I turn my … [Read more...]

Honey Wheat Hamburger Buns

I'm willing it to be summer.  I'm so tired of the gray winter days we've been having, even the days with snow get washed out with a few hours of rain leaving everything a mushy, nasty mess.  I love snow but I like to enjoy it for more than a minute. Spring is only a couple of days away but summer is what I look forward to the most.  My oven can take a few months off while I cook 90 percent of our meals outside on the grill.  And the anyone else tired of eating root vegetables?  I … [Read more...]

Quinoa, Oatmeal and Raisin Bread

I don't do the whole New Year resolution thing.  I feel like they are just doomed from the start.  Instead, I prefer to use January to think of goals I would like to achieve for the year.  Not large, lofty goals....just things that could enhance my life and possibly help to create some good habits. I know others of you do make resolutions and are surprisingly good at keeping them.  I had several requests for some healthier recipes in the New Year and so I made a goal to eat more healthily … [Read more...]

Bacon and Cheddar Corn Bread Muffins

When I made the Turkey and Black Bean Chili the other week, I needed something to go with it other than the standard bread.  I really love a buttered kaiser roll with my chili and use it to sop up any remnants of the chili that used to be in the bowl.  What I'm left with is a buttered bowl without a drop of chili left....even though I don't love chili that much. So, to mix things up (and make my chili photo look prettier) I created this cornbread recipe.  Don't feel obligated to … [Read more...]