Monte Cristo Breakfast Casserole

Loaded with ham, turkey and gooey cheese, this Monte Cristo Breakfast casserole is the best brunch dish ever.  No need to make it in advance because you can easily assemble it in minutes and bake it right before your guests are ready to eat.   I know, it's good Friday and I'm posting about ham and turkey but let's look at this as last minute preparation for Easter Sunday. I don't think I posted any fish recipes for you at all during lent so this has probably clued you in a bit on my … [Read more...]

Steakhouse Eggs Benedict

A hearty twist on eggs benedict, complete with buttery beef tenderloin and crispy hash browns. A perfect combination to serve for brunch or to enjoy on a lazy Sunday morning. Impressive to serve guests or to enjoy in your pj's and slippers. I love Béarnaise sauce and will look for a chance to put it on anything. I've even dabbled in the homemade Béarnaise sauce challenge trying to top the restaurant versions I've had in the past. But when it comes down to it I always default to the … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Brunch Made Easy

Mom's have the toughest job in the world....and there's no paycheck.  None.  We do, however, get paid in kisses and hugs along with crayon on the walls and peanut butter smashed into the carpets. So this Mother's Day, show mom your appreciation with the ultimate brunch spread.  Invite your siblings and make it a family affair.  I even made it easy for you by rounding up the most popular breakfast and brunch recipes from The Soapbox! You will quickly become mom's favorite for the year!  I … [Read more...]

Kentucky Hot Brown

Find your favorite hat and celebrate the Derby with this southern treat, sure to please even the most discerning spectator.  A lightened up version of the The Brown Hotel's Hot Brown recipe, this open-faced sandwich still has all the flavor of the original.   The Kentucky Derby is one of the events I want to experience once in my life.  The hats, the horses, the fanfare.....the food.  I want to go.  I want to wear a gigantic hat so big it could be mistaken for a helipad.  I want … [Read more...]

French Onion Quiche with Hash Brown Crust

  My favorite Baked French Onion Soup turned into the perfect quiche for Sunday Brunch!  Perfect for Mother's Day or a bridal shower, your guests will think you slaved all day. I'm back from a short hiatus.  It was completely unintentional....but it's been awhile.  Did you wonder where I've been?  If you didn't...too bad, I'll tell you anyway.  I was tasked with making the pierogies for this year's Easter festivities.  It sounds like such a simple thing to … [Read more...]

Favorite Things

I'm late...I know.  I have many reasons but I won't bore you all with the details. I've been dying to share my new favorite things.  It's been awhile since I've done a post on something I can't live without and these two items are definitely on my list.  I carry them both everywhere, every joke. The Water Bobble This isn't a new item at all and I'm on my second Bobble already because Landon confiscated my first one.  They're that awesome.  Katie received one about a year and a half … [Read more...]