No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Pies // Video

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EffortlessPies #CollectiveBias Indulge a little bit with these easy to make No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Pies.  A lighter version of pumpkin pie, this recipe is whipped up in minutes using Greek yogurt and low-fat cream cheese for a dessert you can enjoy almost every day. I like something sweet at the end of every day, like a little treat that signifies the day is over.  Kind of like … [Read more...]

Apple Pie Layer Cake

Buttery cake layers sandwich a creamy cheesecake and apple pie filling along with crispy pie crust crumbles. A great way to mix up the dessert table this holiday season, this cake has a little something for everyone.   For my last big birthday, I ordered myself a birthday cake.  I was 40....I was doing things my way.  And since we were going to Manhattan for the weekend I figured I would get something I always wanted but never felt like a bazillion dollars just for shipping was … [Read more...]

No Bake Banana Split Pie

All the flavors of a classic Banana Split layered into this creamy, light, no bake pie.  Topped with chopped nuts, rainbow sprinkles and maraschino cherries, this is the ultimate party pie for any celebration....including the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  :-) I've had some requests for Meatless Monday recipes.  And I have a ton of meatless meals in the recipe tab if you're so inclined to check them out but, honestly, I don't know if they've been posted on Monday.  Which makes the recipe post a … [Read more...]

Homemade Cherry Pie

Real Cherry Pie....made with fresh cherries, not from a can.  This pie is as American as pies get and the flaky crust is super easy....almost fool-proof!  So.....I did it.  I made a double crust pie.  My first ever on the blog.  It looks beautiful....with all it's flaws and shrunken crust.  I have never been so proud of a pie.  Ever. It wasn't without it's challenges.  Challenge #1, that crust.  It still shrunk up a bit and I have trouble with getting everything centered and … [Read more...]

Berry Rhubarb Crostata with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

This sweet-tart Berry Rhubarb Crostata with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream will be the showstopper at your next barbecue or picnic. Basically, a freeform pie….it’s so easy to make you will never want to painstakingly crimp pie crust again.   I struggle with crimping….anything. Pie crusts, hand pies, dumplings….it’s just not a skill I’ve ever improved on in my lifetime. I try over and over again but I run into the same problems every single time. Shrinking pie crusts that barely cover … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tip: How To Avoid Shrinkage

Just to be clear here....I'm talking about pie crust. :-) Until recently, every time I would bake a pie (which is not that often I have to say) my crust would shrink during the par baking process.  I couldn't figure out how to keep this from happening so sometimes I would overcompensate and leave a lot of overhang....other times I would simply look the other way and pretend it didn't happen. Then I tried putting the pie crust in the freezer for 30 minutes before worked like a … [Read more...]

Roasted Strawberry Pie Parfait

I love strawberry pie.  Love I could eat the entire thing myself.  I have a great recipe for it but I rarely make it because....I'll eat the entire thing myself.  I try to only make it when I know we're entertaining, this way I can't eat the whole thing...I'm forced to share.  This solves the whole pie consumption problem because I won't want to look like a glutton and eat half the pie with witnesses. That's when the idea for this parfait popped up.  And Chobani.  They had a hand … [Read more...]

Fresh Strawberry Pie with Cream Cheese

A pie that sings summer, fresh strawberries and cream cheese offer a refreshing way to enjoy perfectly sweet berries.  An easy pie to make for every summer barbecue! I love the summer, I don't mind the heat....I would much rather sweat profusely than have to wear multiple layers and bundle up every time I go outside. Not to mention waiting for the car to warm up while I'm scraping off the layer of ice that accumulated overnight....all to head into the office for the day. Plus, the … [Read more...]