5 Tips for Beating a Mid-Day Energy Slump

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Making through the day with a consistent energy level is a challenge sometimes. By 3:00, I’m losing motivation to power through the day and just want to lie on the couch binge-watching Netflix.  But the work won’t get done itself, dishes won’t miraculously become clean and a daily workout will definitely be just a daydream if I don’t find creative ways to boost my energy. So, here are five ways that I use to give myself a quick boost when all I want to do is take a mid-day nap …. until the next morning.

  1. Even though this is the last thing you want to do when your pillow is calling, taking a brisk, short walk is a great way to boost your energy.  Not a run, a walk.  It gets your blood pumping and the fresh air is a wonderful way to reenergize yourself.  I try to keep it to 20 minutes and low impact so I’m not winded and overly exhausted.
  2. Get up and stretch!  If you’re not able to get out for a walk, get up and stretch for a few minutes at your desk. A simple stretch session may be all you need to get your energy up.
  3. Take a break.  By switching up tasks in the middle of the day you give your brain a break for a little bit and keep it stimulated.
  4. Turn up the tunes, I create a mid-day playlist with music that’s a bit more upbeat …. similar to what I would use when I run (whenever that may be.)  Just listening to some of your favorite songs can really boost your mood and energy levels substantially.
  5. Sip something refreshing and energizing like Strawberry Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers.  My new favorite drink, this sparkling treat is like a mid-day treat and provides the perfect energy boost when I really want to call it a day.  Starbucks Refreshers are made with real fruit and are lightly caffeinated with Green Coffee Extract.

Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade Refreshers | The Suburban Soapbox

What is Green Coffee Extract, you ask? Well, every coffee starts as a green bean. After coffee is harvested, the beans are roasted to bring out the dark colors and bold flavors coffee is famous for. Starbucks is now using an innovative process to pull the naturally occurring caffeine from coffee beans before they’re roasted. That’s the Green Coffee Extract: caffeine from coffee, with none of the coffee flavor.

Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade Refreshers | The Suburban Soapbox

If you haven’t tried Starbucks Refreshers yet, I think it’s time you do.  They are fantastic and a simple way to pull yourself out of an energy slump.  Naturally …. and without having to leave your desk.

With a revitalizing blend of sparkling fruit juices, b vitamins and ginseng, Starbucks RefreshersTM has all the goodness you need to get the most out of today.

Starbucks Refreshers Strawberry Lemonade

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