5 Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party on a Budget

Looking to host a spooky Halloween party this year to kick off trick or treat night but don’t want to empty your wallet?  These 5 tips will help you make sure you have a spooktacular time without breaking the bank.  

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Our neighborhood LOVES Halloween…it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  And I like to make things a little more freaky by kicking off trick or treat night with a little pre-game party.  But like most of you….I don’t want to deplete my savings just to have a little fun.  So, I’m sharing these 5 tips with all of you so you can join in on the fright fest too!

  • Keep treats to a minimum.  Your ghosts and goblins will be toting back tons of loot after the party so don’t go overboard with food.  I like to have a few light options like these Green Eyed Monster Deviled Eggs made with avocado and these spiced Gingerbread Mummies just to make things festive.

Gingerbread Mummies 13

  • Make your own decorations like these easy creepy spiderweb trees.  These trees cost less than $3 to make for BOTH of them and took me less than 5 minutes.  They add a little drama and height to an otherwise boring table.  I bought the cauldrons at Walmart and stuffed them with floral foam.  I collected a few twigs from my backyard to make the trees and covered with a bit of faux spiderweb, also found at my local Walmart. Easy, peasy.

How To Host a Halloween Party on a Budget | The Suburban Soapbox #BooItForward #CollectiveBias

  • Find festive beverages like these Halloween themed Sunkist® Orange Sodas to brighten up your table.  The size is perfect so waste won’t be a concern.

Halloween Party | The Suburban Soapbox #BooItForward #collectivebias #ad


  • Save money on decorations and candy by shopping at a discount retailer or thrift store.  

Halloween Party | The Suburban Soapbox #BooItForward #collectivebias #halloweenparty

  • Have a few friends who can’t join in on the fun?  Take the party to their doorstep with a BOO Kit!  Fill a treat bucket with fun and leave it at your neighbor, friend or families house so they can join in on the fun even if they can’t make it to the actual party.  Encourage them to create their own BOO Kit and BOO’ing a friend. 

How To Host a Halloween Party on a Budget | The Suburban Soapbox #BooItForward #CollectiveBias

And there you have it!  A quick and easy party to kick off the trick or treating fun.  Looking for more Halloween ideas or want to make your own BOO Kit…check out this link for more spooky fun. 

Halloween Party Collage

Halloween Party | The Suburban Soapbox #BooItForward #collectivebias #ad



8 comments on “5 Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party on a Budget”

  1. Such cute tips. I love that you mention to not stock up on sweets for the party, because you’re totally right, everyone will be getting TONS of candy that night, so there’s no point in stocking your table with it.

  2. What great tips!! I love that BOO Kit idea – I spent many Halloween’s as a kid sick at home, this would have been a game changer for me!!

  3. So cute, love all of these tips! Definitely agree about not stocking up on candy, my kids always come home with way too much as it is! 🙂

  4. Awesome post! Love the mummy biscuits.

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