A Cake Fit for a Princess!!! (and Marshmallow Fondant)

I mentioned in a previous post, Keep Calm and Eat a Few Dozen Cupcakes, I was “commissioned” to bake a cake for my cousin’s daughter’s 5th birthday.  I learned a lot from this cake….one, remember the lessons learned when making Landon’s cake.  I should have written them down but since I’m new at this whole “cake decorating, blogging” thing I had to learn all over again.  I wrote down my mistakes this time so I can share them with you!

I, again, made my own marshmallow fondant using a recipe I found at the Clockwork Lemon blog.  It’s pretty fool-proof, if you remember to keep it covered while working with it so it doesn’t dry out!  That was my mistake this time, I remembered about halfway though rolling out the pink fondant that this stuff dries out at lightening speed!  Well, maybe not lightening speed but pretty, darn fast which makes it prone to cracking.

You can make the fondant several days in advance and store it in an airtight container.  My recommendation, if you plan to make any shapes with the fondant do that in advance as well.  I made the large pearls immediately after I finished making the fondant and stored them in a Ziploc container with sheets of wax paper in between so they didn’t stick together.

This cake was a lot of fun to make, regardless of my “lessons learned” during the assembly.  For the small pearls on the top of the cake I used Wilton Sugar Pearls “glued” with buttercream frosting. To make the fondant “pearls”, I brushed each ball with Wilton Shimmer Dust in white using a small artisan brush.  The birthday banner is made from white fondant and black Wilton FoodWriter Edible Color Markers.  If you look closely, you can see that the banner is cracked….due to not keeping the fondant moist while multi-tasking!  I don’t think I’ll make that mistake again.

Another mistake….ummm, memory lapse…be sure to keep the surface you’re rolling the fondant out on sprinkled with sugar or the fondant will stick making it impossible to lift off the surface without ripping.  I rolled this out at least 3 times before I was finally able to wrap the cake in it.

The tiara was purchased….I haven’t honed my sugar skills enough to craft one using molten sugar and a blow torch.  That’s on my bucket list. Not really.

Overall, I think it turned out pretty well!  And Ella liked it, which is really all that mattered.

Click here for the Marshmallow Fondant Recipe from Clockwork Lemon

3 comments on “A Cake Fit for a Princess!!! (and Marshmallow Fondant)”

  1. This is a lovely cake. Loved the elegant design too!

  2. May I ask if when you applied shimmer on your fondant did you brush the area with water then apply the shimmer or combine water and shimmer then brush on the fondant or dab the shimmered brush onto the fondant?

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