A Frozen Food Winner: Kashi Chicken Enchilada

When I worked in a cubicle farm, my go-to lunch was usually a frozen entrée of the “healthy” variety.  Healthy in a very, low-calorie, but not filling or satisfying at all, kind of way.  I tried them all, I even had a stash in the freezer at the office just in case I didn’t have a chance to get out or forgot to pack my lunch that morning.  Sometimes they would vanish because, you know, they are just sooooo tempting that people just couldn’t resist stealing them.  I’m kidding.

But I never found one that I loved….ever.  And when I decided to leave my job I promised myself I would make a nutritious lunch every day.  No need for the frozen meals.  Well, that was a joke and led to a lunch of whatever I could grab quickly, like a piece of string cheese that would be confiscated by Landon.  Or a pickle.  Or a hunk of chocolate.  Not terrible but not very filling or nutritious.

So, out of desperation, I bought a stash of frozen meals to have on hand just in case I was short on time.  I had quite the variety to choose from but the only one that stood out for me was the Kashi Chicken Enchilada!

Kashi Chicken Enchilada

This meal is extremely tasty and filling.  It looks a little small but packed with a great variety of grains and the flavors are ridiculous!  It’s a great meal in a pinch and I find myself craving it pretty frequently,  I now have a stash of these in my freezer.

They are not very spicy so I remedy that with a healthy sprinkling of hot sauce and a tiny bit of shredded pepper jack cheese. (the cheese on this enchilada is almost nonexistent.)  But they are definitely delicious without the additions.

I am a fan!

Obviously, they are available in your grocer’s freezer section. 🙂

Kashi Chicken Enchilada Nutrition

*The above product review was not sponsored by Kashi, I purchased this product myself and loved it so much I had to share it.

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