The Egg and Bacon Salad Sandwich

If you celebrate Easter, like I do, I’m sure today your refrigerator contains a dozen hard-boiled eggs.  More or less.  I thought this would be the year that I wouldn’t be sick of eggs since Katie is older and way too cool to dye eggs, while Landon is definitely waaaay too cool to dye eggs….and he’s one. ( That would just be a nightmare to witness.)

To my amazement, Katie and her friend wanted to dye eggs last week so on Friday I hard-boiled two dozen eggs.  Yay. Not only did this mean I would not want to eat another hard-boiled egg for about 6 months but my house would also smell like sulfur.  Of course, I was distracted when the water came to a boil and the egg yolks over cooked to resemble the consistency of ground sidewalk chalk. Delicious!

The only way to salvage these eggs was to make a salad….and make a salad I did!  I love eggs and bacon for breakfast so I decided to combine the two in my standard egg salad.  Winner!!!  The recipe makes two “hearty” sandwiches or three less filling sandwiches.  Katie and I each had a sandwich and used the entire bowl of salad.  I added avocado to mine which I think detracted from the flavor of the salad, it’s so awesome on its own….do not add avocado.  I ended up taking it off before finishing my sandwich and now my pants are tight.  The extra fat was definitely not necessary.

The Egg and Bacon Salad Sandwich

4 hard-boiled eggs

3 sliced scallions (I use the green and white parts)

1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard

3 tablespoons good mayonnaise

3 slices crumbled bacon

salt and pepper to taste

4 slices of multigrain bread

In a small bowl, break up the eggs into small pieces.  Mix in the scallions, mustard, mayonnaise and bacon.  Salt and pepper to taste, make sure you taste it before salting because the bacon adds it fair share of saltiness.  You don’t want to over salt it.

Spread salad on two slices of bread, top with remaining bread.  Chow down!

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  1. That looks really good! I can’t wait to try it!

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