Eat the gray stuff, it’s delicious!

Be Our Guest Lunch Review | The Suburban Soapbox

I recently spent a week with my family in Walt Disney World and, as usual, my itinerary was built around food….and princess meetings.  But mostly food.  If you’re a lover of all things edible, like I am, you can definitely get your fill of some pretty amazing treats in every park.  If you’re a seasoned Disney traveler, you are well aware that dinner reservations need to be made WAAAAAY in advance or you will be disappointed if you had your heart set on a specific restaurant.  Like Be Our Guest.

Be Our Guest Lunch Review | The Suburban Soapbox

I, seriously, don’t know how anyone manages to get a reservation for dinner here.  You must have to have some kind of connection Walt because, despite the fact that our reservations were made at 180 days in advance, there was nothing available.  The ENTIRE WEEK.  That’s a head scratcher if you ask me but, thankfully, the restaurant is open for lunch and it’s considered Quick Service if you’re on the dining plan.

The line is loooong, my friends.  Very, very long.  If you plan to wait, bring a snack… will be worth it though. They are testing FastPass+ but it’s by invitation only.  I was lucky enough to score a FastPass but I can honestly say, knowing what I know now, I would wait in line to eat here.

The food here can hardly be considered “Quick Service”, it’s not like any other quick service restaurant in the park.  And though you order your lunch at a kiosk upon entering the Beast’s Castle, the food is delivered to you….on a fancy, covered cart.  All you have to do is find a table.  A bit of a challenge given the popularity of the place BUT not an impossibility due to the size of the restaurant.  (Another head scratcher as to why we couldn’t get a dinner reservation.)

The castle is broken up into three dining rooms; the 2-story grand ballroom (which I think everyone defaults to because it’s the first room you walk into), the Rose Gallery and the West Wing.  All three rooms were equally impressive and made you feel like you were really in Beast’s Castle.  We found a table in the Rose Gallery which has a larger-than-life Belle and Beast music box in the center of the room.

Be Our Guest Lunch Review | The Suburban Soapbox

All the food was flavorful and well executed.  It was a nice break from the usual quick service meals a lot of the parks restaurants serve.  Among the ten of us, we had a nice sampling from the menu.  The Tuna Nicoise salad was fresh and light…perfect for the sweltering day we were dealing with.


Be Our guest 3

The Braised Pork was ahhhmazing.  Really.  I had a picture but it did not do this dish justice.  If you like a hearty stew order it, you won’t regret it.  My mom and sister-in-law had the Vegetable Quiche which looked delicious and they both enjoyed. I had the Croque Monsieur, which is a grilled sandwich with ham and swiss smothered in béchamel sauce.  It was not smothered.  I was a little disappointed with my choice.  I liked it but I’ve definitely had better versions of this sandwich elsewhere. In addition, we ordered the French Onion Soup which was very good and helped me overcome my sandwich sadness.

Vegetable Quiche at Be Our Guest | The Suburban Soapbox

The best part of lunch was dessert….and there were many to choose from.  Everyone said to get the cupcake with the gray stuff.  Well, gray frosting doesn’t look very appetizing so I went with the Triple Chocolate Cupcake….which was filled with chocolate mousse.  It was so rich and moist…my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Triple Chocolate Cupcake at Be Our Guest | The Suburban Soapbox

Back to the gray stuff…..thankfully, someone did order The Master’s Cupcake.  And….it’s beyond delicious!  It was better than the chocolate cupcake in my opinion.  And light….I think I ended up eating most of both.

The Master's Cupcake at Be Our Guest | The Suburban Soapbox

There’s also a Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake that looked tasty and two types of cream puffs.  I had the chocolate (I know….my pants were getting tight by this time) and felt it was a little stale.  My recommendation is to stick with the cupcakes.  They are all worth the long line that you had to endure.  Plus, you’ll be doing plenty of walking after lunch to burn off those calories.

Disney did an amazing job creating Be Our Guest, it truly is one of the best places to dine in Walt Disney World.  I look forward to dining there again, hopefully, for dinner….if I can get a reservation before I’m 90.

Note: All pictures were taken with an iPhone and minimal editing.