SkinnyGirl White Cranberry Cosmo

I’ve always been a wine drinker, I guess that’s why I thought I liked Sangria.  It took a long time for me to try something other than red wine.  Sometimes when I go out to dinner  I’ll order a specialty martini but my drink of choice is usually a glass of red wine. Of all the martinis, chocolate is my favorite, by far.  How could you not like a chocolate martini.  I mean, come on….it’s CHOCOLATE!!!  And you all know how I feel about people who “say” they don’t like chocolate.

In my twenties, I ordered Cosmopolitans all the time, more because I liked to look cool drinking from the martini glass.  I may even have gotten annoyed at the random bartender that served it in a highball glass or something not even remotely close to a martini glass.  That just makes it look like a Shirley Temple and that’s so NOT cool or sexy in any way!  Does the bartender not know this?  Do they not teach that on Day 1 of bartending school? Back to the Cosmopolitan.., unless it was prepared correctly, I always felt it was either too sweet or way too strong.  On the rare occasion, I would actually enjoy drinking the cocktail I was served out of the very, cool glass and fantasize I was a character from Sex and the City.

So, when I went to the store to buy the new SkinnyGirl White Cranberry Cosmo I was a little skeptical.  Especially, after I was still on the fence about the Sangria.

This cocktail is A.MAZ.ING!  It has the lightest hint of cranberry and is not too sweet, it has the perfect blend of flavors!  It’s made with premium vodka, Triple Sec, natural white cranberry, citrus and lime flavors…with just a bit of agave syrup to add natural sweetness. It is ridiculously delicious!!!  So good, in fact, I finished half the bottle in one night….and the rest was gone 24 hours later.  I felt just as amazing as the SkinnyGirl cocktail!

The best part….it’s only 100 calories per 4 ounce serving. (Let’s not do the math on what I consumed all by myself, I know it involved a lot of running to burn off the following week.)  Another bonus for being WHITE cranberry so spills on my white carpet won’t really matter much and my teeth will no longer have a hint of purple from all the red wine I’ve been drinking.  I will be buying this again!

Bravo, Bethenny!!!!

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