Creating Perfect Pairs with The Laughing Cow

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Snacking healthy can get stale quickly….like a cracker.  Which is my go to pairing when I eat cheese.  Cheese and crackers….it’s like a match made in preschool.  And though I love cheese with crackers I won’t stay loyal to healthy snack eating if that’s the only pairing I can come up with.

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The Laughing Cow cheese wedges help to mix things up a bit with the great variety of flavors making snack pairing easy and fun!  Naturally, I try to stay true to a pairing of fruits and vegetables but occasionally….I’ll throw in something decadent.  Like a mini croissant or piece of baguette.  It’s still a snack so don’t go and eat the whole loaf.  I love the Garlic and Herb wedges spread on a piece of crostini.

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Another favorite of mine is the French Onion wedges smeared on a celery stick and dipped in toasted pine nuts.  It is amazing.  Seriously.  Sometimes I want to eat the whole wheel of cheese but stop myself because….snack time.  And then I remember that celery is like eating nothing so why not have another. Right?  Cheers to celery and cheese!

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The Laughing Cow cheese wedges make snack time much more enjoyable and easy so I don’t go too long between meals and end up ravenous.  Because you all know where I end up when I’m starving……Quarter Pounder with Cheese, please?  And we don’t want that now, do we.  So, have fun with pairing and get creative.  It’s all about variety to keep healthy snacking interesting and tasty!


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  1. I LOVE Laughing Cow cheese! I use it instead of cream cheese on bagels (well, I did when I could still eat wheat *sniff*), and a few crackers with a wedge is one of my favorite afternoon snacks. Thanks for sharing some new ideas!

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