Friday’s Find: Glitter Nails! Because Life is Too Short for Boring Nail Polish

After a long, several weeks, I needed something to boost my mood a bit.  My daughter and her friends have been trotting around with Gel nails most of the summer and raving about them.  They stare at their toes  I thought the whole thing was silly and frivolous….keeping to my regular summer coral pedicure.  I was boring.  My toes were boring.  They needed a lift.

That’s when I finally let Katie and her friend Emily take me to a salon that I had never heard of but is right down the street.  I’ve passed the building frequently but I had no idea what was inside.  Tucked away behind a local bar (this could be a little too convenient and fun!) and next to an equally tiny hair salon was Polished Pretty.  The owner, Annmarie is just as charming as her cute nail salon….she will be your best friend by the time you leave.  Thankfully, the gel nail process is a little time-consuming (I think 25 minutes total but I lost track of time because I was chatting it up with my new Bestie!) but is well worth the wait! Not to mention the fact that they will last about 5 weeks!!!

She has so many colors and glitter options available.  AND if she doesn’t have what you’re looking for, she’ll mix you a custom color right there on the spot.  She has many other manicure and pedicure services available but I highly recommend the glitter….especially for the summer.  You, too, can become silly obsessed with your toes!  It’s the hot new thing. 🙂

So, in closing…I’m glad I regressed a little bit and tapped into my inner 16-year-old self.  My pedicure did lift my spirits a little and I smile every time I look at my glittery toes.  They make me think of fluffy pink cupcakes and cotton candy martinis! Self indulgent…..just a little but I love it……because life is definitely too short to be boring!

Polished Pretty by Annmarie is located at 25 Bridge Street, Suite 2, Collegeville, PA.  484-973-6230

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