How to “Juice” Without a Juicer

A quick announcement before I get started on my little lesson for all of you: I will no longer be posting Tuesday’s Tip.  No, I will NOW just post my little bits of how to knowledge or time saving suggestions randomly because, let’s face it, I’ve missed a few Tuesday’s.  Helpful how to’s will now be peppered throughout the month but will have a new name….yet to be determined.  If anyone has some suggestions on what I should name my new series….I’m listening!

Recently in the news, Martha Stewart shared her ridiculously long and EXPENSIVE morning beauty regimen.  Most people I know could/would never spend that kind of money on the products she uses….and the time.  Geez, who wants to get up before the birds.  Good for her for putting in that kind of time and effort, she does look fantastic lately!

The one thing she also shared (and the TODAY show featured) was her juice recipe.  It’s very similar to one that I concocted, not exactly the same but very close.  But when you’re making a green juice, you only have so many options.  The TODAY show stated that this was one cost-effective piece of the Martha Stewart beauty arsenal.  But what if you don’t own a juicer?

My first juicer I purchased on for $25.  The entire appliance was made of plastic.  It worked well but was stupid to clean.  You couldn’t get it clean!  It was an impossibility.  Into the trash went $25.  I didn’t buy another juicer for 10 years.  And when I finally did, it wasn’t $25.

Juicing appliances can run pretty steep and this is something you don’t want to cheap out on when you do finally pull the trigger and purchase one.  So, what do you do in the meantime before you tap into your retirement account?  Use your blender…..and a $5 fine mesh strainer.

Place all the ingredients in a blender with 3/4 cup of water and whirl away. (add more water if necessary) Blend until the entire mixture is pureed and then pour the mixture through a fine mesh strainer into a pitcher or your glass.  Push down on the pulp in the strainer to extract as much juice as possible.  And voila….juice without dropping hundreds of dollars on another appliance that will take up valuable real estate in your kitchen.


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