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Years ago, I was invited to attend a wedding in Palm Beach.  My first memory of that trip was a glass of Sangria I had at the pool side bar at the Four Seasons.  It was a red Sangria loaded with tropical fruit, I was in love.  It was so refreshing and fruity that I ordered another….and another….and then I don’t remember how many I actually drank that night but I know it was the start of a very, fun weekend!

So, I thought I liked Sangria….at least I know I liked THAT Sangria.  I keep ordering it anywhere I go that serves it and I can’t seem to get into it the way that I did that weekend.  I’ve tried reds and whites, both coming up flat and I always wonder…..maybe I DON’T like Sangria.

I’m a HUGE fan of Bethenny Frankel and her SkinnyGirl brand.  I absolutely LOVE the SkinnyGirl Margarita, it was the first drink I had post baby and it was hard not to polish off the entire bottle by myself in one sitting.  When she launched her SkinnyGirl Sangria I was equally excited to try it out.

SkinnyGirl Sangria is described as a refreshing and delicious, low in calories (just 132 per 5 oz serving!) cocktail and is made with natural flavors. And it uses white grapes, so it’s clear in color…meaning you get to worry less about spills and stains.

I bought a bottle last week and the first taste was the silly, sweet flavor that I disliked in all the other varieties I’ve tried over the years.  I continued sipping and all I could taste was the white wine, not much of a fruity taste.  I didn’t love the first glass.  The second glass I could taste hints of a “sangria-ness” but still didn’t love it.  But I didn’t hate it either. By the time I finished the bottle (No, this was not all in the same night) I thought I liked it but I’m still not sure.  I’m going to have to get another bottle. I could see this being a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.  But so is the margarita!

To make a long story short…..if I’m going to trek all the way to the store to pick up a bottle and there are bottles of SkinnyGirl Margarita right there next to it, I’m going with the Margarita.

But….maybe I DO like Sangria when it’s a hot, summer day.  I guess we’ll find out in a few months.

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  1. Just tried this myself for the first time this past weekend at my daughter’s house. Neither one of us was exactly crazy about it. Will not buy again. We do love the Margarita and Cosmo but this was unfortunately disappointing.

  2. I’m going to try it again in the summer and let some fruit “ferment” in it awhile. I’m going to try the red wine this weekend!

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