No More Taco Tuesdays – Plated Delivery Service

I recently had the opportunity to try Plated, a new food delivery service that’s quickly becoming very popular.  This is not a grocery delivery service…you don’t go online and create your grocery list for the same old stuff you make every week.  This, my friends, will help you get out of that dinner rut.  Taco Tuesday will be on hold for a while.

Plated was generous enough to send me a few “Plates” to try out a few weeks ago.  And now I’m hooked.

How the service works….visit to view the available menus for the upcoming week.  The menus are created by talented chefs and are never the same.  If you create an account you’ll receive the menu in your inbox with reminders of the order deadline (which is Monday at noon EST).  Place your order online and then wait for Tuesday.  Tuesday is a big day.  Tuesday is delivery day!  I love Tuesday.

Plated Delivery

The box will contain all the ingredients, along with the recipe card, for your “Plates”.  Simple, easy to follow instructions with all the fresh ingredients you need to prepare your dish.  Every recipe I received was something I wouldn’t have thought to cook on my own.  Plated will definitely expand your culinary repertoire.  Friends and family will think you are a gourmet genius.  Seriously.

Flank Steak

Bonus for the beautiful recipe cards….you can make the dish again later….but….you have to go to the store to buy everything yourself.


All three dishes we tried were restaurant quality and fabulous!  They were also incredibly easy to prepare and I loved that everything you need is all together in a labeled bag so there’s no question which ingredient goes with which recipe.  The price is not bad either, you can order with no commitment starting at $14 a plate (one plate equals one serving) or you can sign up for a monthly membership with prices starting at $10 a plate.  The serving sizes are huge and we always have leftovers for the next day.

Most importantly….all meals can be prepared in under 30 minutes!!!

Flank Steak with Carrot Hash and Chimichurri

This service is great for:

  • Families that are struggling for new ideas for dinner
  • Busy professionals that like to cook but don’t have time to get to the store
  • Home cooks that are looking to get a little more adventurous in the kitchen
  • Anyone looking to cook healthy, tasty meals at home with fresh ingredients, fast!
  • Anyone hosting a dinner party and wants to impress their guests

This service is not for:

  • Busy people looking for prepared meals delivered to their home
  • People that don’t like to cook
  • People that like mac and cheese from a box every night


For more information and to place your Plated order go to

Potato Crusted Pollock with Roasted Corn-Watermelon Salad

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