Photo An Hour

I “borrowed” this idea from one of my favorite blogs….who “swiped” it from one of her favorite blogs.  It looked fun but was a little challenging and their lives look much more interesting than mine.  I should start drinking bourbon. But whatever.


7:00 AM

Little Foot

8:00 AM

Tyler's judging me.

9:00 AM

Pre-run snack

10:00 AM

Off we go!

11:00 AM

Signs of spring. :-)

12:00 PM

Lunch, Trader Joe's Turkey Corn Dog with remnants of paper towel.

1:00 PM

Cleaning. :-(

2:00 PM

My lunch...leftover takeout salad from Zoe's.

3:00 PM

Starting dinner.

4:00 PM

The Closing Bell Report.

5:00 PM

Tomorrow's post!!!

6:00 PM

Gettin' sandy....going to drag it into the clean house.

7:00 PM

Gettin' clean!

8:00 PM

Someone left the sunroof open....there was a storm. :-(

9:00 PM


2 comments on “Photo An Hour”

  1. great idea! I especially enjoy the last picture — a good way to end a busy day!

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