Ghirardelli Squares – Milk & Truffle

I love chocolate. I don’t understand people that say they don’t like chocolate. How can you not like it?!?!? One taste of a quality chocolate can turn a frown upside down! I’m going to assume these people have not had a really good chocolate, they should try one of the Ghirardelli Squares – Milk & Truffle. This could change their minds. If not, they’re weird.

I received these to try recently and I will admit I was disappointed to see they were milk chocolate. I had the bag for a few weeks before I opened it because I’m a dark chocolate girl. Love it! Can’t get enough of it!

When I finally did open the bag and try one….it was love at first bite! Heaven on my tongue. So smooth and creamy, with a perfect, velvety center of truffle. OH.MY.GOODNESS. And so satisfyingly sweet, I CAN eat just one. I would highly recommend these to any chocolate lover out there.

Now I will hunt down a bag of the Dark & Truffle, I can’t imagine how insanely good they must be. (and hide the remainder of my Milk & Truffle so I can eat them all by myself.)

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  1. I _am_ a milk chocolate girl, so I will have to try these. Thanks for the review!

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