Soapbox Shout-Outs


Links to all the things that blew my mind this week!

Molten Chocolate Banana Bread….yeah, that’s right…from my new favorite blog.
This Riki Tiki will be my escape for any remaining snowstorms this season.
Grilled Plum and Lemon Ricotta Toasts….because it’s summer somewhere.  Australia to be exact.
Angel Food Layer Cake…….slathered in Whipped Coconut Cream.  Yes. Please.
Preserve family recipes and turn them into art with this custom recipe print.  A great gift idea!
I now have a reason to buy a doughnut pan.  DOUBLE Chocolate Cake Doughnuts!
Spiralizing is the new black.  You don’t have to be vegetarian or healthy to enjoy this kitchen tool….my new favorite!
Much less than that OTHER blender that’s all the rage, Kitchen Aid’s new Diamond Edition is just as ruthless on those veggies!
Tell me, what have you been eyeing up this week?
Signs of spring. :-)
Trying to will spring to happen.

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