The Bob – A Stroller Revolution

When I had my daughter, there weren’t many varieties of strollers available.  You could pick an umbrella stroller or a full size stroller.  Travel systems were just gaining in popularity and there were a few jogging strollers on the market but you really wouldn’t want to jog  with one.  Nor would you want to take it off a paved path, especially after an 8 ounce bottle.  The passenger of the stroller would definitely share a milkshake with you after that ride.

When I had my son, there was a ridiculous amount of strollers available to choose from. So many, in fact, I would get dizzy just walking in to Babys R Us. Some of them were clearly marketed for status (similar to driving a Range Rover), while others were very practical and priced appropriately.

I registered for practical and ended up with a very, useful full size stroller that folds like an umbrella stroller.  Pretty cool.  Useful for shopping and short walks.  But there was always The Bob.  I had seen this thing in action on trails and it looked amazing.  Not practical for everyday use, not priced very well for the impracticality of everyday use but I coveted it.  I convinced myself I needed it… I bought it.

The Bob Revolution is AMAZING!  It rolls so smoothly, the state of the art suspension absorbs  bumps on a trail and hopping off a curb so the child can remain comfortable for the entire ride.  It comes with a tether to help avoid the horrific, runaway baby scenario.  This is a necessary accessory since the stroller will take off when running downhill.  It also has a swivel front wheel that you can lock in place for running. The cargo basket under the seat is pretty roomy. Folds quickly and (somewhat) compactly for it’s size; weighing in at 25 lbs, it’s also fairly easy to lift into the trunk of a car.  I’ve seen people shopping in stores with the Revolution but it is pretty big and I wouldn’t recommend using it for shopping at the mall.

You can purchase a carseat adapter to use with an infant carseat and they also sell a handle bar console which I plan to purchase this spring.

I really love The Bob Revolution and have already put a lot of miles on it.  It’s durability will guarantee that my little one will outgrow it long before it’s finished rolling along the trails.

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  1. I do not have one but I have pushed one and totally have stroller envy. They.Are.Amazing. If I can find one on craigslist i will be all over that!

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