The Camera Really DOES Add Ten Pounds

Last week, a friend invited me on an impromptu trip to New York to see The View!  I had never been to a taping of any show before so I was super excited!!!  Even though I’m not a regular viewer of the show I couldn’t wait to see all the ladies in person.  Especially Barbara Walters…..which it turns out was sick with the chicken pox and a head wound?  What are the chances.

But I was getting a day out with the girls and a chance to see Whoopi, Sherri, Joy, Elizabeth and Kris Jenner! And the food!!!  Oh, the food I was hoping to get my paws on was an added bonus. 🙂

I may have mentioned that I LOVE New York and not in an “I heart New York” T-shirt kind of way….I would move there if I didn’t have to squeeze the family into a 300 square foot box with a hot plate and mini fridge.

When we arrived at the studio at, what I think was, 8:30 AM I learned this was a LIVE show.  As in no taping, which is fine since I was not a guest host and didn’t have to read one word off the teleprompter.  But it changed the dynamic for me…I don’t know why.  I tried to convince myself it didn’t really matter since I never really see the audience anyway when I watch at home…what are the chances of being seen on TV. (more on that….)

We waited…..and waited….and waited some more.  All the time I’m thinking, “I’m never doing this again.”  Then we entered the studio and somehow, magically….there was an incredible energy!!!  We had great seats!  We could see everything!  I couldn’t wait to see all the guests I knew nothing about! I definitely want to do this again!!!image

There was a guy from ER (sorry…I’ve never watched the show so I won’t pretend I’m a huge fan.) He seemed very lovely though.  Just needed a kilt to go with the accent.


There was a family that adopted a bazillion kids from Peru when they already had two mouths to feed at home and they received tons of free stuff….which a family with a bazillion kids definitely needs! (kidding aside, Scott and Lauren Sterling seemed like the most amazing and selfless people, we really need more people like this in the world.)

And there was Hunter Hayes…also someone I didn’t know much about but my daughter was at home being salty because she IS a fan….I was not. I’m a fan now, Mr. Hayes….you’re just cute as a button.(Says the creepy old lady with a blog.)


Before I knew it the show was over and they were herding us out the door with Hunter Hayes’ CD in hand. But more importantly….everyone there looks much thinner in person!  Approximately 10 pounds thinner!!! Even Elizabeth who already looks like she weighs 90 pounds on television.  (No offense, Elizabeth, you do look amazing….I became a fan when you were on The Look for Less!)

(And a side note….when I rewatched the show at home the next day…you could see me, very well, for about 3 seconds.  The camera is not my friend.)

Lunch!!!  I suggested Todd English’s Food Hall in the Plaza Hotel.  We ate here three times during my birthday weekend, the food is so good I was craving it again.  One short cab ride and a 10 minute wait later we were seated in the hall with a big glass of wine in hand.

The sushi is incredible!  I can honestly say this place has some of the best sushi I’ve ever had.  Surprising since they have so many other things to focus on as well.

Tuna Two Ways Roll

The Lobster Pappardelle was good, not fabulous but it was Restaurant Week and I’ve learned in the past that if you don’t order the specials the regular menu can suffer a bit because of the volume of food the kitchen is putting out.

The Chicken Flatbread was pretty good but it was better the last time we were there.


Lady M Confections is right outside the Food Hall, they have a small kiosk.  If you are ever in the area, do yourself a favor and get a slice of the crepe cake.  It’s so good, it makes your knees buckle.  I brought a whole cake home and, as I type this post, it has now occurred to me why I’m carrying around a few additional pounds.  Duh.


We decided to hike down Fifth heading towards Times Square and do some shopping on the way.  We stopped in Magnolia Bakery and I brought home a giant slice of coconut cake because I forgot I had the crepe cake.  I also grabbed a few cupcakes because I don’t get to New York very often and feel it necessary to bring home food items…unlike most people who buy things they will have for a long time…like purses and shoes.


And as we passed by La Maison du Chocolate, I felt a gravitational pull into the store.  The macarons are to.die.for. I bought caramel and chocolate macarons and ate every single one of them all by myself.  I hate my scale this week.


We had such a great time, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a “Girl’s Day Out.”

Thank you Tracy, Jen and Michelle for an incredible day filled with fun and calories!


2 comments on “The Camera Really DOES Add Ten Pounds”

  1. Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. Fun!!! I saw that episode… I’ve always been curious to see The View as part of the audience. I’m sure I’d end up with an episode where I don’t know who all of the guests are either.

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