Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants

In the process of packing for our recent move, I realized something.  I’m food hoarder.  My freezer was packed with tons of treats that I was “saving”.  For what I’m not sure….guests?  A special occasion?  A preplanned binge session?  I honestly don’t know what I was saving them for.  Some items were of the “looks interesting, but scary” variety. Things I thought I should try just in case I was missing something but then was afraid to actually put them in my mouth. Others seemed like they were more suited for guests.

Like these croissants.  They seemed brunch worthy or something I could make when I had overnight guests.  The problem with this scenario is I never have overnight guests.  Not that I wouldn’t welcome any one of my friends to spend the night but there just hasn’t been an occassion where it was necessary for someone to stay.  That, coupled with our lack of bedroom availability.  It’s kind of lame to ask your friends to sleep on you couch when you’re not in your 20’s anymore.  Couch surfing sucks.  Really.

Back to the hoarding, I had to clean out the freezer quickly with as little waste as possible.  This involved forcing myself to make Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants and (gasp!) consuming them.  As you can see, I survived.  And I ate three of them. (There are only 4 in the box.) They are amazing. 

Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants

A little rundown on how these things work.

They need to thaw and proof overnight. No biggie.  But the box warns you that the proofing process with astound you! (Their words.) So, I heeded the warning and left plenty of room between each pastry.

Frozen Croissants

I was not astounded, in fact, I was a little disappointed….and worried!  Disappointment aside, I baked them anyway.

Proofed Croissants

Voila!  They rose perfectly during baking and became a gorgeous golden brown.  The chocolate is ridiculously sinful.  It is so good.  The croissants were buttery and flaky just like you would find in a bakery.

Baked Croissants

Layers and layers of thin pastry wrapped around high quality semisweet chocolate….these are among some of the best chocolate croissants I’ve ever had.  And they came from a box….that I pulled from my freezer….reluctantly.

Chocolate Croissants

I bought two more boxes yesterday.  I wish I had a case.

(The stats are below….read at your own risk.) 🙂

Nutrition Facts

3 comments on “Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants”

  1. Those look great!! I still haven’t been to a Trader Joe’s yet, but plan to go soon. I’ve been dying to go and now I’m going to look for those!

  2. They turn out beautiful! I am glad I’m nog the only hoarder when it comes to the freezer 🙂 If I would be able to freeze toothpaste I would… ( actually it’s probably do-able) I am on the same mission (since a couple of months) to empty the freezer, so far I have added a couple of things 🙂
    Great post & good luck!

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