Tuesday’s Tip: The Best Tips on How to Braise

Want to know how to braise but aren’t sure how long to allow the flavors to meld?

When making stews and braising meats always cook them a day in advance so you can let the dish “rest” in the refrigerator overnight.  Letting the meat sit in the juices for longer than just the suggested cooking time allows the flavors to develop more depth and sink into the meat creating a bolder, more mind-blowing dish.

Simply let the pot cool to room temperature, cover and refrigerate until ready to reheat the next day.  Heat the dish over med-low heat until heated through and serve.

This is great for make ahead meals too, if you’re craving something hearty for a Monday evening you can make the dish on Sunday and reheat for a quick meal the next evening.  The chilling process also makes it easier to skim off unwanted fat since the fat will solidify and can be lifted off with a spoon.

Believe me when I say….your patience will be rewarded.


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