Tuesday’s Tip: Just Add Veggies

Sometimes I don’t have time (or the mental capacity) to think about lunch.  And 99% of those times I make macaroni and cheese…..from a box!  Judge away my lovely internet friends but know that I do add things to the pot to make myself feel better about giving my kids “processed” food and to sneak in some healthy stuff.

And remember that I’m a busy mom like everyone else in the world so I don’t want a ton of pots to clean up.  I hate dishes….like everyone else in the world.

This is my trick…..boil a pot of water and cook the pasta from your favorite BOXED macaroni and cheese (I use Annie’s Organic Shells and Cheese).  When the pasta is almost done throw in your favorite frozen vegetable…..we love peas…. I’ve also used frozen carrots, green beans or  broccoli.  Strain everything in a wire mesh strainer and set aside while you make the cheese sauce following the instructions on the box. 🙂

One Pot Mac and Cheese

Combine the pasta, veggies and cheese sauce…serve to your happy kids!

One pot to clean! (And one strainer unless you are crafty and can strain your pasta with the lid.)

Annie's Organic Shells and Aged Cheddar

* Please pardon my photos….they are from my iPhone in bad lighting.


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