Tuesday’s Tip: Frozen Single Serve Steel Cut Oatmeal

As I try new things and dabble in the kitchen, I sometimes stumble upon a clever idea or two that I thought I would share with everyone.

Since I rarely post on Tuesdays (and Tuesday starts with a “T” naturally sounding great prior to the word “Tip”) I figured I would make that day my “Tip of the Week” day.

So, here’s the debut post for Tuesday’s Tip of the Week.

Frozen Single Serve Steel Cut Oats

Make single serving oatmeal for a quick breakfast in the morning.  Since steel cut oatmeal can take as much as an hour to cook, make a big batch (following the manufacturers instructions) on the weekend and freeze in oversized muffin tins.  After they’re frozen, put each oatmeal “muffin” in its own resealable bag and store in the freezer.  When you’re ready to eat, heat the “muffin” in a bowl for two minutes.  Stir in a little water or milk and toppings of your choice until it reaches the consistency you like.

These are great if you like to eat breakfast at work like I do and allow you to make great use of those oversized muffin tins that are probably collecting dust somewhere in your cupboard!

Don’t worry, if you only have standard muffin tins….you can still do this just heat two of the “muffins” instead of one.

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