Welcome to The Suburban Soapbox! My name is Kellie and I’m a former cubicle dweller turned stay at home mom. I’m a lover of wine, anything swimming in butter, cloaked in chocolate or covered in sprinkles.

I’m a self taught cook and have “studied” cooking magazines and cookbooks for years.  I watch the Food Network like it’s my job.  However, this was not always the case.

In my early twenties, I thought I knew how to cook but I was basically heating prepared foods and jarred sauces.  I was preparing food and eating….we weren’t starving so I thought I was a gourmet chef. I very rarely made anything “from scratch” and when I did it never turned out quite as I had hoped.  That’s when I discovered that cooking was an art and baking was a science.  I then subscribed to my first cooking magazine.  I immediately found a new love and started to understand the building blocks of cooking.  I began experimenting with food and tweaking recipes I’d find in cookbooks and magazines creating meals customized to my family’s tastes.  Over the past decade I started creating my own recipes and making some old family favorites healthier allowing us to enjoy the full flavors that we love without adding to our waistline.

I also love trying new restaurants, products and trends and will share my experiences (both good and not so good) with you.  Some items are sent to me by the manufacturer to try and I will note that in the post but most products are purchased by me on a whim or because I heard some buzz around it.

I currently live in the suburban Philadelphia area with my husband, two children, Katie (18) and Landon (2), and two cats.

This is my soapbox.  Enjoy!