A quick and easy appetizer, Caprese Salad Skewers are ready in a flash. Juicy tomatoes, mozzarella balls and fresh basil are drizzled with a balsamic syrup for a fresh bite of summer flavor all year long.

Caprese Salad Skewers on a marble board.

Summer may be coming to an end earlier than I like but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my favorite summer flavors all year long.

I’m a huge fan of the Caprese Salad with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella drizzled with a light basil pesto vinaigrette but those tomatoes are not so stellar come the winter months.

That’s when I grab containers of cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes because they tend to hold the sweet summer juiciness of summer all year. And they’re perfect in these Caprese Salad Skewers because of their perfect bite-size packaging!

Plus, they’re single serve so they’re great for gatherings big or small eliminating the extra hands grabbing at handfuls of chips and dip. These easy Caprese Skewers are, also, super easy to make!

Caprese Skewers on a white board with balsamic glaze being drizzled on them.


Caprese Salad, or Tomato Mozzarella Salad, is a simple side dish made of juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. Typically, it’s seasoned simply with salt and pepper, a caprese salad recipe can include several twists to make it special.

On the regular, we simply slice tomatoes and fresh mozzarella then arrange on a platter with some basil leaves drizzled with a bit of olive oil. But when I’m feeding a crowd, I like to mix things up and use smaller tomatoes so you can eat them with just one bite.

To make things party ready, I simply thread all the ingredients for a Tomato Caprese Salad on a skewer so guests can just grab and go. It’s a great addition to a tailgate, a holiday party or a simple backyard picnic with friends.

Overhead shot of caprese Salad with cherry tomatoes on a white platter with basil leaves.


Insalata Caprese, or Caprese Salad, as this salad iscalled in Italy, originated on the island of Capri, just south of the coast of Naples. The name translates to “salad of Capri”.

It’s a super healthy side dish you can enjoy guilt-free because the tomatoes are loaded with vitamins K and C, potassium, folate and antioxidants like lycopene. 


It’s so simple and quick to make Caprese Skewers, here’s how you do it:

Wash the tomatoes and pat them dry.

Thread a tomato, a mozzarella ball and a piece of basil on a skewer. Repeat with another row of ingredients if there’s room on your skewer.

Arrange your Caprese Salad Skewers on a platter.

Drizzle with balsamic glaze or Basil Pesto Vinaigrette.


overhead shot of caprese skewers on a white marble board.

How easy is that? I like to use these Marinated Mozzarella Balls for extra flavor and then, if guests don’t want the balsamic drizzle, I can just serve it on the side for dipping but still have a ton of flavor in the skewers.

Marinated mozzarella balls in a white dish on a blue placemat.


Since these skewers are more of an appetizer or simple snack, we like to serve alongside other appetizers like these Antipasto Skewers or these easy Strawberry Caprese Skewers!

Antipasto skewers on a white square platter.

They’re also fantastic at a bbq as a grab and go salad so they go really well with BBQ chicken or grilled baby back ribs!

What’s even better about these Caprese Skewers is they can be made in advance so entertaining is a breeze!


Get the Recipe: Caprese Salad Skewers

A quick and easy appetizer you can make in minutes, Caprese Salad Skewers are like a salad on a stick!
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  • 24 grape tomatoes
  • 24 marinated mozzarella balls
  • 12 whole basil leaves
  • 1/4 cup balsamic glaze
  • 1/4 cup basil pesto


  • bamboo skewers


  • Wash the tomatoes and pat dry.
  • Thread one tomato on a bamboo skewer. Then, thread one mozzarella ball, a basil leaf folded in half, followed by another piece of mozzarella and a tomato. You can make any pattern you want, this is just how I make them.
  • Repeat with the remaining skewers.
  • Arrange the caprese skewers on a platter and drizzle with the balsamic glaze.
  • Serve with basil pesto for dipping.


Caprese skewers can be made up to 24 hours in advance and stored in a refrigerator in an airtight container.
Calories: 174kcal, Carbohydrates: 4g, Protein: 11g, Fat: 14g, Saturated Fat: 4g, Cholesterol: 21mg, Sodium: 90mg, Potassium: 81mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 2g, Vitamin A: 408IU, Vitamin C: 5mg, Calcium: 212mg, Iron: 1mg