A great addition to your Game of Thrones party, these Chocolate Game of  Thrones Dragon Eggs are easy to make. White chocolate eggs are covered with a ready to use fondant and “painted” with food coloring, a fun project for any GOT fan.

Chocolate Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs  | The Suburban Soapbox

My brother is the king of theme parties. He’s always attending some premiere party or hosting one himself. I need to jump on this bandwagon myself but I’m not that organized. I’m the person that has big plans but doesn’t leave enough time to plan and execute. Like these Chocolate Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs…..my brother sprung these on me while I was on my way to a conference in DC, two weeks before the premiere. And there was Easter in between…and a wedding…and a trip to see Disney on Ice. And then the regular daily work of a food blogger. But I was up for the challenge.

Chocolate Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs | The Suburban Soapbox #gameofthrones #dragoneggs

I’m a huge Game of Thones fan….a reluctant Game of Thrones fan, I will add. My husband had been telling me to watch it for a few months last summer, stressing how much I would love it….how it was better than True Blood….I needed to watch it. The problem was, I knew that I would end up getting sucked in (which I did, BTW) and binge watching the entire show for a week. Around September…I finally caved and lost a week of my life to the Stark, Targaryen and Lannister families. So, when my brother tossed me this challenge of making the Dragon Eggs I bit. For the record, he sent me this awesome tutorial by Cupcake Addiction to review a few times before actually diving in.

Chocolate Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs | The Suburban Soapbox #gameofthrones #dragoneggs

If you can find pre made chocolate eggs, it will make your life so much easier…maybe not your entire life but definitely the part where you’re constructing these eggs. I made my own using an Easter egg mold which you may remember from my Chocolate Easter Egg Gift Box. You can find them all year on Amazon and they’re pretty cheap. I also used the Wilton Candy Melts in white which made the process pretty simple. The Cupcake Addiction mentions using her marshmallow fondant recipe because regular fondant won’t stick as well….I disagree. First, I’ve made marshmallow fondant and it’s a pain in the ass. We bought the pre made fondant and it was not a problem at all. Just be sure not to use too much water, I used a damp paper towel to wet one side of the scales and they adhered to the chocolate without an issue.

Chocolate Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs | The Suburban Soapbox #gameofthrones #dragoneggs

Definitely splurge and get the Wilton ColorMist or something similar to color your eggs. I can’t think of any other way to get that airbrushed look which makes them look pretty close to the real deal from the show. The whole process is easy but time consuming….if you have a team of people willing to lend a hand you’ll power through this much more quickly. I’m going to estimate that it took about 10-15 minutes to complete one egg.

Chocolate Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs | The Suburban Soapbox #gameofthrones #dragoneggs

So…since I’m late to the “Game” here and posting after the premiere, you can start planning your finale party and include these Chocolate Dragon Eggs. The finale is always better than the premiere anyway, don’t you agree. Except the part where you have to wait almost a year to see what happens with that epic cliffhanger.

Chocolate Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs | The Suburban Soapbox #gameofthrones #dragoneggs

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

These chocolate Dragon Eggs are perfect for theme parties!
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  • 36 ounces Wilton Bright White Candy Melts
  • confectioners' sugar
  • Wilton white decorator fondant
  • Wilton Color Mist in Green, Black, Red and Gold
  • 1 leaf cutter
  • 1 paint brush
  • 1 4 inch round cookie cutter or biscuit cutter


  • If making your own eggs, melt the chocolate in a double boiler and pour into your mold. Chill until solid. Repeat to make two more eggs.
  • Roll the fondant on a flat, clean surface dusted with confectioners' sugar. Cut out three circles to cover and brush with a small amount of water on one side. Press the circle onto the bottom of the egg and create texture using a pair or scissors or a knife.
  • Using the flat side of the leaf cutter, cut out enough "leaves" to cover three eggs. (I had to reroll the fondant several times cutting as we went so they didn't dry out.) Brush one side of a leaf with water and, starting at the bottom, press the leaf onto the egg with the pointy side down and slightly overlapping the circle. Continue adding scales (leaves) to the egg until the entire egg is covered in scales. Lightly coat each egg with gold Color Mist spray using short bursts. Then repeat procedure with each color. When the eggs are dry, give each egg another light coat of gold. Allow to dry completely.
  • Store in a cool, dry place until ready to use. Eggs can be made up to 36 hours in advance.
Serving: 0g, Calories: 187kcal, Carbohydrates: 22g, Protein: 0g, Fat: 10g, Saturated Fat: 9g, Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 38mg, Sugar: 22g