Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe // Video

Summer’s BEST cocktail! This Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe is as easy as it gets. Refreshing and light, it’s my favorite way to beat the summer heat.  Party perfect and just in time for the Labor Day weekend festivities!

Light and refreshing, this Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe is the perfect summer drink! |

I’d be lying if I said I was sad that summer is starting to wind down. I’m just finishing up another week at the beach and had planned to leave a bit early because the weather is going to be less than beach perfect this weekend. I have a ton of work to do (if you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t posted a new recipe in over a week.) and we need to start the back to school shopping.  I did get going a little bit thanks to online shopping but Landon’s need to try on ALL.THE.THINGS to make sure he looks extra handsome can’t be done while lounging in the sand. So, we will be packing it in today and heading home for the weekend. It’s time, we’ve been here for most of the month of July and August…..even squeezing in a few Fox 29 segments on the waterfront.

Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe |

Last week, we hopped on a boat to share one of my FAVE summer drinks….the Orange Crush Cocktail!!!  It’s so simple to make but I, literally, kick off summer every single year with an Instagram shot of my drink at Two Mile Landing. It’s like a summer tradition and usually falls around the beginning of May. It’s like a less fancy version of the Mimosa….kinda like it’s less buttoned up step-cousin.  A little looser on the quality of the alcohol, this one is made with orange vodka (which I usually am not a fan of), triple sec and orange juice. Make it fizzy with a little lemon lime soda and we’re good to go.

Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe |

We tried to demo this on the Good Day Philadelphia segment but the orange presser was a little slow so we needed to move onto the other recipe items that go perfectly with this drink: Strawberry Caprese Salad Skewers and Peach Crostini! They’re all perfect for your late summer parties and early football tailgates.

Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe |

We also threw in this Blueberry Mojito Popsicle which is totally fab and a great way to cool off when that September sun reminds us all that, even though school has started, summer isn’t over yet. Party on, my friends!


Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: orange crush
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 6 minutes
Servings: 1
Calories: 333 kcal

the popular orange crush cocktail!



  • 2 ounces Orange flavored vodka
  • 2 ounces triple sec
  • 1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
  • lemon-lime soda


  1. Combine vodka and triple sec in a glass with ice.
  2. Stir in the orange juice.
  3. Top with lemon-lime soda.
  4. Serve immediately.
Nutrition Facts
Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 333
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 5mg 0%
Potassium 124mg 4%
Total Carbohydrates 24g 8%
Sugars 23g
Protein 0g 0%
Vitamin A 2.5%
Vitamin C 37.6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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