Honey Simple Syrup is so easy to make with just two ingredients – honey and water! Use it to sweeten your cocktails, teas, coffee, or whatever else sounds good to you. It’s just like your average simple syrup, but with the addition of summery honey flavor! Instructions for microwave and stovetop methods are both included.

A small glass jar is filled with honey simple syrup.

Honey Simple Syrup

Move on out of the way, simple syrup – there’s a new sweetener in town! Honey simple syrup is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a sweetener just like regular simple syrup, but it’s made with honey instead of sugar. Honestly, since I first made this stuff I’ve been using it to sweeten just about EVERYTHING. From a classic bees knees cocktail to my afternoon tea, everything has been made delicious with this honey syrup.

You may be asking yourself – can I use honey instead of simple syrup? Yes and no. Honey by itself does make a great sweetener, but it’s so thick that it usually has a difficult time mixing into things, especially if it’s being mixed into something cold. If you’ve ever tried to mix honey into a glass of iced tea or a cold cocktail, you know what I mean!

By itself, honey tends to clump in colder beverages. Even in warmer drinks, honey takes a while to stir until smooth and incorporated into the drink. That’s what makes honey simple syrup so amazing. It’s a smooth and sweet simple syrup that just tastes like honey, only a little thinner! That way you can mix it into anything and it’ll incorporate itself so much quicker.

A small saucepot is filled with honey syrup.

How to Make Honey Simple Syrup

This simple syrup with honey is SO easy to make! Just grab your favorite bottle of honey, water, and you’re ready to go. For more details just scroll down to the recipe card.

  • Microwave method: Combine equal parts honey and water in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds at a time (or less), stirring each time it stops, until a smooth syrup is formed.
  • Stovetop method: Add equal parts honey and water to a small saucepan and stir to combine. Heat over medium-low heat until combined.

PRO TIP: With whichever method you choose, you’ll end up with warm honey syrup. Let it completely cool to room temperature before using or storing. If it’s still warm when stored, it’ll form condensation which may lead to bacteria.

Honey simple syrup is being poured into a glass.


Once it’s fully cooled to room temperature, you can store honey simple syrup in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 month. I do not recommend freezing it.

When you use honey simple syrup, I recommend pouring it out of the container OR using a very clean utensil to grab some. If you introduce new bacteria to the simple syrup it will spoil rapidly.

Serving Suggestions

The options here are pretty limitless and there’s a whole lot of room for creativity! I plan on using my honey simple syrup very soon to make the very best bees knees cocktails for Easter Sunday.

Use your honey syrup to sweeten a cup of hot or iced tea. You can also stir it into your morning coffee. I recently stirred a splash of it into my glass of cold brew and it was such a delightful way to wake up! Really, any way that you would use simple syrup you can use this honey simple syrup.

And if you’re loving this recipe, be sure to check out my favorite lavender simple syrup that also captures the best spring vibes!

A jar of honey syrup is placed next to a honeycomb.

You’ll bee in love with these honey recipes!

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A small glass jar is filled with honey simple syrup.

Get the Recipe: Honey Simple Syrup Recipe

Honey simple syrup is a liquid sweetener made by dissolving equal parts honey and water. It's a delicious and versatile alternative to traditional simple syrup in cocktails, beverages, and desserts.
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  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup honey


  • 1 saucepan


  • Combine equal parts honey and water (say, 2 tablespoons each if you’re only making a few cocktails) in a microwave-safe bowl or small saucepan.
  • Warm in the microwave or over the stovetop just until you can completely stir the honey into the water.
  • Set aside.
Calories: 64kcal, Carbohydrates: 17g, Protein: 0.1g, Sodium: 2mg, Potassium: 11mg, Fiber: 0.04g, Sugar: 17g, Vitamin C: 0.1mg, Calcium: 2mg, Iron: 0.1mg