Dessert Boards cookbook cover mockup

Dessert Boards

50 Beautifully Sweet Platters and Boards for Family, Friends, Holidays, and Any Occasion

More than 50 easy-to-make boards that are kid- and family-friendly, which has not always been true of traditional charcuterie boards, with their focus on cheeses, salamis, olives, hummus, tapas, and other “grownup” foods.

The boards feature a stunning variety of sweet treats, from baked things like barscookiesshortbreadsbundt cakes, and mini pies, to fresh and colorful fruits of all kinds, to trufflescandiess’mores, and more. The recipes include: 

  • Chocolate Fondue Board
  • Movie Night Treats Board
  • Ice Cream Sundae Board
  • Holiday Cookies Board
  • Funfetti Birthday Board

The book also includes platters that focus on healthier sweets, such as fruits, yogurts, and granola bars, perfect for breakfast, brunch, and after-school or after-work snacks. There are inventive boards for people who love to bake as well as quick-fix boards that can be built from store-bought goods—everything you need to bring smiles to your family and friends and some extra sweetness to your life.