The Sunday brunch staple, Eggs Benedict is simple to make at home with a few tips and tricks.  This version has a perfectly poached egg blanketed with a butter hollandaise sauce all on top of a toasted english muffin and a salty piece of ham. Easy enough to make every single day.

Classic Eggs Benedict |

Eggs Benedict

Weekend were made for brunching and my favorite brunch recipe is a classic eggs Benedict. It’s a simple dish to prepare….poached eggs, Canadian bacon, English muffin all drenched in a buttery hollandaise sauce. But for some reason, few people feel like they can pull this off at home.

I’m here to tell you, anyone can do this. If you can poach an egg (I have a simple how-to video to convince you it’s so easy), you can make eggs Benedict in as little as 20 minutes.

My husband orders this every time we go out for brunch so making at home saves us a ton of money and he agrees it’s better than a restaurant because the eggs are always perfectly cooked.

The recipe originated in New York City at Delmonico’s restaurant. There are several varieties of eggs Benedict these days but this classic is always a winner.

Classic Eggs Benedict |

How To Make It

MY Classic Eggs Benedict is really simple to make.  Fool-proof really, anyone can make it.  And the Hollandaise sauce, we made that a couple months ago…if you remember.  In the blender. No chance of the sauce breaking, it’s so SO easy.

Make the hollandaise in the blender as instructed and set aside. (keep warm)

Poach the eggs.

Toast the muffins and then lightly butter, if desired.

Heat the bacon in a skillet until lightly browned and warm.

Top the muffin with the bacon, the egg and then spoon the hollandaise over top.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley…or better yet, smoked paprika and serve immediately.

This Classic Eggs Benedict is great for entertaining a few friends or family and perfect when served with a brunchy cocktail.  

Classic Eggs Benedict |

What To Serve It With

While you can just serve your Eggs Benedict all by itself and call it a day, we love to round out the meal with these favorites.

Substitutions for Canadian Bacon

While Canadian bacon is the original addition to the recipe, you can mix it up anyway you like.

Classic Eggs Benedict |

More Easy Brunch Ideas

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Get the Recipe: Classic Eggs Benedict Recipe

The real deal, this classic Eggs Benedict recipe is the perfect breakfast or brunch. Easy enough to make on a weekday morning, too!
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  • 2 English Muffins, split (I like to use Thomas’ English Muffins
  • 4 slices Canadian bacon
  • 4 poached eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups easy blender hollandaise sauce


  • Lightly toast the english muffins for 4-5 minutes or until golden brown.
  • While the english muffins are toasting, heat the bacon in a small skillet over medium heat for 2-4 minutes on each side.
  • Place the two muffin halves on a plate and top each halve with one slice of bacon. Repeat with remaining muffins and bacon.
  • Top each muffin with a poached egg and spoon 1/4 cup of hollandaise over the eggs.
  • Serve immediately.
Serving: 2g, Calories: 891kcal, Carbohydrates: 42g, Protein: 21g, Fat: 71g, Saturated Fat: 16g, Cholesterol: 61mg, Sodium: 2115mg, Potassium: 270mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 0g, Calcium: 30mg, Iron: 0.9mg